President Ghani receives U.S National Security Advisor

President Ghani receives U.S National Security Advisor

President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani received President Trump’s National Security Advisor Lieutenant General H. R. McMaster joined by a delegation,Sunday morning, Presidential Palace.

Both sides talked over bilateral relations and cooperation. They also discussed fighting terrorism, narcotics and corruption.

President Ghani welcomed McMaster and his delegation, commending US cooperation and sacrifices of their forces in Afghanistan.

President Ghani said that terrorism is an acute threat to the region and world, adding that if this threat is not tackled opportunely, it would have dire consequences on the coming five generations.

He said that terrorism, narcotics and corruption are the critical menaces which threaten security, stability and development. The President added that terrorism and narcotics are international dilemmas for contending of which regional and global vision should be forged while no distinction is drawn between good and bad.

The President expressed that the Afghan Government has a firm will for curbing corruption while having achieved milestones in this area thanks to practical efforts made. He reiterated that counter-corruption efforts will be sped up in all levels of the Government, since it has terribly affected the lives of our people.

Afterwards, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah said that terrorism and drug mafia are interwoven and sponsoring each other. He added that, there is a need for a joint fight and cooperation from international partners/allies particularly the United States in order to avoid the dangers stemming from these baleful phenomena.

He stated that the National Unity Government is focused on reforms and good governance in addition to foiling dangers arising from terrorism. He added that reforms of sustainable effectiveness should be introduced while corruption is being contained.

Also, Minister of Finance Eklil Hakimi, Minister of Economy Abdul Satar Murad, minister-designate of Mines and Petroleum Nargis Nehan, Attorney General Farid Hamidi, Chairman of National Procurement Authority Yama Yari, Chairman of Administrative Reforms and Civil Services Commission Nadir Naderi and Head of Directorate of Land Jawad Paikar articulated efforts and achievements of the Government in terms of combatting corruption and introducing reforms in different fields.

McMaster thanked President Ghani for the warm welcome and hospitality, passing on to him greetings of President Donald Trump.

He said that today’s atmosphere in which we are discussing issues is very different from the one five years ago and this evinces good bilateral ties. 

Gen. McMaster said that we understand that the Afghan Government is concentrated on precise evaluation and combatting corruption to smooth way for reforms and the results of their efforts are being realized.

Agreeing with remarks of President Ghani, he expressed that all countries should put up an earnest collective fight to grapple with terrorism and narcotics since they are menaces and threats to the region and world.

Referring to importance of reforms, McMaster said that they will inform and assure the people of the United States of the reforms and progress that has taken place in Afghanistan.

He expressed that the reforms to be brought about as a result of joint efforts made by Afghanistan and U.S should be sustainable. He also said that cooperation and friendly relations of regional countries with Afghanistan should be fostered.

Attaching importance to introduction of reforms, McMaster said that they are hopeful the Afghan Government will appoint those people in their different institutions who are committed to bringing reforms.

He added that Afghanistan will not be a safe haven for terrorism thanks to the joint struggles and efforts of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces and Afghanistan-based International Forces. He stated that Afghanistan attains self-sufficiency besides receiving international support.

On behalf of the government and people of the United States, he assured Afghanistan of continuous cooperation, saying that Commander of Resolute Support Mission Gen. John W. Nicholson and U.S Ambassador for Afghanistan Hugo Llorens love Afghanistan and they will make efforts in this regard.

President Ghani thanked U.S National Security Advisor McMaster for pledging continued cooperation for Afghanistan, adding that introduction of reforms is not our choice but an obligation.

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