Turkish Private Sector ready to invest in Afghanistan

Turkish Private Sector ready to invest in Afghanistan

The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani received Turkish deputy minister of economy Fatih Metin who was leading a Turkish private sector delegation Sunday evening, Presidential Palace.

The discussion was focused on investment opportunities particularly for Turkish companies in Afghanistan. Deputy minister Fatih Metin said that they will be holding meetings with the Afghan officials and private sector to jointly seek improved ways for investment in Afghanistan.

President Ghani underscored that the Afghan-Turkish relations specifically in the areas of trade and investment should be further encouraged, saying that Turkey possesses successful experiences in the mentioned realms which can ultimately contribute to the enrichment of mutual ties.

Alluding to the ample investment opportunities in Afghanistan, the President said that the opportunities abound in the domains of energy, manufacturing electronic appliances, telecommunication, fiber optics, processing and packaging of agricultural products, cold rooms, cement production, loom and the health sector.

President Ghani remarked that the Afghan Government is focused on creating stimulus opportunities, utilizing the existing policies to motivate the investors to invest in the mentioned areas and emphasized that the Government is ready to make the use of economic zone possible.

The President evinced his interest in strengthening investment and public private partnership where the Afghan-Turkish companies could effectively work together. He called Turkey a country blessed with useful experiences in infrastructure and transport sectors.

Deputy Minister Metin assured the President that they will be working on the recommendations put forward on capacity building and investment opportunities and affirmed that the Turkish private sector stands ready to invest in Afghanistan in different spheres.