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Provincial Profile
Province in Brief Name of the Province: Nuristan

Area: 9266.74 Km2

Related Zone: East

Center: Parun

Geography Nuristan is bordered on the south by Laghman and Kunar Provinces, on the north by Badakhshan Province, on the west by Panjsher, and on the east by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.
Governance Governor and two Deputies

Provincial Council

2 Members in Parliament, 1 Male and 1 Female

Population/People/Languages The total population of Nuristan Province is 150391.

Nuristanees are consisting the Population of Nuristan Province.

Nuristani and Pashaye are the spoken languages in Nuristan.

Number of Districts Nuristan Province has 7 districts, listed below:

Wama, Waygul, Bargtal, Kamdesh, Noorgram, Dawab and Mandol

Context Health and Education systems have been operating in Nuristan Province.

There are 231 Government schools open for the students where 33095 boys and 26094 girls are studying.

There is 1 institute through there are no university in the province.

In Health sector, there are 31 Government and private health centers and 7 hospitals in the province.

The Mines available in Nuristan province are listed below: