President Ashraf Ghani’s Congratulatory Message on the Occasion of National Day of Journalists

I extend my cordial felicitations on the occasion of National Day of Journalists to the Afghan journalists who expose themselves to danger during harsh circumstances to perform the sacred duty of information delivery and play a pivotal role in raising the public awareness. I pray for the soul of those Afghan journalists who lost their precious lives and extend my sympathies to their families. May their souls rest in peace.

The government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has been strongly committed to preserving the freedom of expression and taken significant steps to protect this fundamental right including formation of Government and Media Joint Committee; establishment of Journalists Support Fund; endorsement of the Access to Information Law; formation of the Access to Information Commission; accession of Afghanistan to Global Press Freedom Coalition; addressing 126 cases of violence against journalists; approval of the journalist’s protection guideline; ensuring the security of journalists and media outlets; and multiple others.

I expect all dedicated Afghan journalists to join hands as the responsible citizens of the country and reflect the realities of a new Afghanistan and provide a clear picture of it.

We are on the same page collectively striving to ensure our freedom and national unity, be bound to laws, and succeed to overcome the crises. While we cannot turn a blind eye to the significant role that our journalists and media outlets and activists are playing, they need to seize the opportunity provided for peace and respond public queries, address their concerns and give clear insight to them. In fact, we together with the journalists and media outlets must feel the responsibility when it comes to our national issues and other significant matters.

Not any illegal restriction can be imposed upon the journalists, nor any form of violence against them is acceptable and justifiable; whoever the perpetrators are, even state officials, will be prosecuted. I once again congratulate the National Day of Journalists to all our brave journalists.

Mohamamd Ashraf Ghani

President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan