President Ashraf Ghani’s Message to Residents of Herat on Government’s Measures for Curbing the Spread of Coronavirus

My honourable Herati compatriots, sisters and brothers;

May peace be upon you

I assure you that the entire government apparatus supports you and stands with you in unison to contain the spread of coronavirus.

I have ordered the relevant offices to take necessary actions and immediate measures in order to address foreign aspects of the challenge such as handling the repatriation of Afghan refugees, better mobilization of assistances, adopting emergency and relief measures, preventing economic depression and procurement of essential facilities.

In addition, I have ordered allocation of 400 million Afghanis as emergency budget for Herat province to meet conceivable challenges and deal with possible implications.

I call for formation of a high council composed of Herat MPs in both houses of the Parliament as well as representatives of the private sector and civil society, members of the provincial council and other strata of the province to monitor and watch over the spending of the allocated budget.

Similarly, I call upon all strata of Herat province including the private sector, youth, media and civil society institutions to take the initiative to tackle the covid-19 virus.

I also ask the private sector, entrepreneurs and intellectual community of Herat to collectively work on a comprehensive plan to contribute to keeping economic situation of Herat dynamic and thriving, and join forces with the government to ensure its proper implementation.

I assure you that the government will spare no efforts to provide any facility needed to prevent further spread of the pandemic disease.

As the President of Afghanistan, I keep a close eye on the situation and pledge to provide any support whenever needed. I wish you all health and well-being.

Long live Afghanistan
Long live Herat and Heratis