President Ashraf Ghani’s remarks at Joint Press Stakeout with Prime Minster Imran Khan

President Ashraf Ghani’s remarks at Joint Press Stakeout with Prime Minster Imran Khan

Your visit today at a time that violence has been escalated by the Taliban – delivers a significant message to the people of Afghanistan. I extend gratitude to you Mr. Prime Minister. [Translated from Dari and Pashto]

Mr. Prime Minister; your coming here is historic. Our common objective is to take a leap of faith to overcome the distrust that has haunted our relationship. We have come to an understanding that a shared vision regarding cooperation is not only essential for relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan, but a harbinger of regional cooperation and connectivity.

Our common focus and what inspires us both is poverty eradication, empowerment of citizens of our countries within the frameworks of our Islamic constitutions; the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Respect for our Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) is in the blood and mind of every Muslim. And as I brought to your attention, over a thousand years review of literature in our history shows nothing but respect. There is not a single joke that you can find because the Prophet’s life and his tradition is Seerah embodies the perfect Muslim’s behavior and as a guide to all of us.

I would like to thank you and assure you of our cooperation and making sure that our occidental counterparts understand that positive freedom and negative freedom need to be differentiated. Negative freedom is a freedom the exercise of which hurts other people. And the place of our Prophet in our Islamic belief, culture and civilization is such that respect for the Prophet is respect for the entire Muslim World.

Mr. Prime Minsiter; you have come with a series of very important messages that yourself will articulate, but fundamental to this is that violence is not an answer. A comprehensive political settlement for an enduring peace within the framework of our values, our constitution and the Islamic Republic is the way to the future. Within this, we can move forward, and the request of the Afghan people is for a comprehensive ceasefire as soon as that would be feasible. All of us need to understand that resort to violence, the region has shown and your convince from your personal experience, is not an answer.

Embracing a constructive politics, a politics of engagement and inclusive politics is the way to future. Practically we have agreed to form committees to deal with key topics to make sure that the foundation for trust that has been established with your trip today becomes an enduring process and I would also like to inform the media that within a short period, I would be honored to accept your invitation to visit the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Thank you for coming and thanks to your colleagues for their very productive and constructive engagement.