President Ghani: Afghanistan is keen to draw on China’s experience in containing coronavirus spread

President Ghani: Afghanistan is keen to draw on China’s experience in containing coronavirus spread

President Ashraf Ghani in a meeting with Wang Yu, China’s Ambassador to Kabul discussed experiences and practices of China on curbing the spread of the covid-19 disease, yesterday evening at the Presidential Palace.

The president congratulated China for its bold approach to contain the spread of the coronavirus and extended gratitude to the country for offering assistance to Afghanistan for tackling the contagion. He added the pertinent offices would work closely to ensure effective use of the assistances.

President Ghani stressed that he recommended during the videoconference with the SAARC leaders that the member countries of SAARC and SCO need to synchronize their efforts to be able to tackle the disease spread effectively and sustainably.

The president said Afghanistan is keen to draw on China’s experiences and practices specifically on building clinics to provide immediate treatment to those infected with the virus.

He underscored that given the vulnerability of the Afghan cities, Afghanistan wants to make use of China’s experience in dealing with coronavirus in urban areas, particularly the city of Wuhan, and is keen to connect with Chinese health experts vid videoconference.

President Ashraf Ghani said the government intends to purchase medical supplies and equipment from its own budget to curb the pandemic disease, adding that a list of required items have been prepared.

The president said another significant step that can be taken is to develop a coordination mechanism via which the Chinese experts can share their lessons learned and experiences with their Afghan counterparts.

The president referred to the open border between Afghanistan and Iran through which thousands of Afghans return to their country on daily basis and underlined that Afghanistan wants to apply the same model used in Wuhan city of China in Herat to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

He stressed that cross-border trade and the process of importing goods are carried out regularly and all trade routes including railways are open.

The Chinese Ambassador said they have received a list of items from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan and would strive to provide the equipment and accessories needed to deal with the virus.

He added that China-Afghanistan flights from Urumqi city will be resumed to allow immediate transportation of equipment to Afghanistan, and expressed China’s readiness to share experiences and practices through videoconferences and extend their cooperation in other areas.