President Ghani Announces Formation of Anti-Corruption Commission

President Ghani Announces Formation of Anti-Corruption Commission

President Ashraf Ghani participated and delivered keynote remarks at the 6th EU Annual Anti-Corruption Conference announced that an independent anti-corruption conference will be established this morning at the Presidential Palace.

Ambassador and Head of Delegation of the European Union and Co-Chair of the Conference delivered the opening remarks and hailed the government’s steps taken for combating corruption and the progress in the area. 

Ambassador von Brandt said that effectively addressing corruption means democracy building, state building, and trust building, stressing that everybody should be treated equally before law. 

Deborah Lyons the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative in Afghanistan, who was connected to the conference via VTC, termed corruption a silent terrorist and said, “This horrific cancer will continue to threaten our health and our security and our societies.”

She expressed support for Afghanistan in the effort to fight corruption through establishment of the new anti-corruption commission and in implementation of the new anti-corruption strategy. 

In his remarks, President Ashraf Ghani expressed the government’s strong commitment to combat corruption and said there is consensus for effective in fighting corruption among the government top leadership.

Announcing the establishment of an independent five-member anti-corruption commission the president said, “The commission will commence its work from now and all the resources and authorities that law specifies will be transferred to them.”

“It is extremely important that the commission members’ terms of reference are clearly adopted by us jointly that they are accountable to the citizens, parliament and the government,” added the President.

President Ghani underscored that the commitment given in the Anti-Corruption Strategy would be accelerated, particularly corruption of high-ranking officials.

The President said biometric data of all government employees is being completed, adding terming electronic IDs for the citizens that now exceeded 1.5 million is a government’s top priority.

President Ghani said expressed government’s strong commitment on declaration of assets of the high-ranking officials and added, “I am not signing any travel document from people who have not filled their assets. So as members of the parliament and the cabinet and all of have been done.”

President Ashraf Ghani highlighted the importance of budget reform and said, “A sustainable expansion of revenue and a growth strategy fitted to our context. We need to have focus on those sectors that can really produce growth.”