President Ghani Attends Inauguration Ceremony of COVID-19 Vaccination in Afghanistan

President Ghani Attends Inauguration Ceremony of COVID-19 Vaccination in Afghanistan

President Ashraf Ghani participated and delivered remarks at the inauguration ceremony of COVID-19 vaccination in Afghanistan this morning at the Presidential Palace where first doses of vaccine were administered to representatives of media, ANDSF and heath sector of the country. 

The ceremony was also attended by the First Lady, Vice-Presidents, Speakers of both Houses of the Parliament, Chief Justice, Cabinet members and a number of ANDSF officers.

Wahid Majrooh, Acting Minister of Public Health who delivered the opening remarks expressed gratitude to the President for his consistent support for the health staff and professionals which further invigorated them to make relentless efforts for saving the lives of their compatriots.

“The first doses of vaccine will be administered to the soldiers who keep the Afghan tricolor flag hoisted at every corner of the country and to the healthcare staff who didn’t cease the fight against the pandemic to save lives,” added Majrooh.

Ambassador of India to Kabul Rudrendra Tandon said the COVID pandemic has had a far-reaching impact on the geo-political and geo-economic landscape of the world.

Ambassador Tandon reaffirmed India’s support for Afghanistan and said as a strategic partner and historic friend, India stands ready to work closely with Afghanistan’s Public Health authorities to tackle all dimensions of this scourge.

President Ashraf Ghani delivered the closing remarks in the ceremony and said, “I am grateful that we could properly cope with a tragedy that plunged the world into challenge.”

President Ghani said, however the government’s initial analysis indicated that a far serious threat was looming, the government leadership categorized the first and second waves of the virus spread into five phases and could demonstrate the commitment and accountability of the government before people taking into account multiple dimensions of the Afghan society.

The President said the Afghan nation expresses a limitless gratitude to their defense and security forces and what we have today has emanated from the commitment, confidence and belief of our forces to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

President Ashraf Ghani praised the leadership of the ANDSF that didn’t let the virus spread among the Afghan forces and said, there are roughly 8000 healthcare cadres serving at the ranks of the Afghan Defense and Security forces. 

President Ghani expressed gratitude to Afghanistan’s media outlets for their endeavors in a challenging environment where enemies of Afghanistan are targeting the best and brightest minds of the country who raise the collective voice of the Afghan nation.

“Enemies cannot silence the expressive voices of the Afghan men and women; we continue to raise the call for freedom, equality, and national sovereignty of Afghanistan,” added the President.

President Ashraf Ghani thanked India’s assistance and cooperation as a deep-rooted friend and strategic partner of Afghanistan and said, “Our partnership has been grounded on common interests, visions and principles of humanity and our cooperation will continue to flourish.”

President Ghani added efforts are underway to receive another batch of COVID-19 vaccines soon to be able to cover forty percent of the Afghan population.

The President said the COVID threat is not over and stressed that people should take precautionary measures such as wearing masks and observing social distancing and hygiene.