President Ghani calls on people to participate in the voter registration

President Ghani calls on people to participate in the voter registration

The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and the First Lady, joined by cabinet members registered themselves for the upcoming parliamentary and district council elections Saturday afternoon, Amani High School Kabul.

The President said, “Today is a fortunate day as a major step is being taken to implement the election law and the constitutional provision.” He said that the right to vote and choice represent a democracy, stressing that the Government has the intent, determination and commitment to hold the elections.

President Ghani said, “I have not had an individual meeting with any commissioner of the IEC. We have had meetings attended by the international partners and Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah where we discussed various issues pertaining to the elections, therefore I respect the autonomy of IEC.”

He urged the civil-military officials to respect the independence of the IEC, reiterating that interference of any form in the IEC affairs was unacceptable.

The President asked the IEC officials to neutrally and faithfully fulfill the tasks entrusted to them, underscoring that the Commission was responsible to the people as its ownership rests with the people.

He praised the role of media in such a national process, inviting the civil society, political parties and the international community to closely monitor the parliamentary and district council elections this year as well as the presidential elections scheduled to be held next year the preparations for which have already been very well underway.

President Ghani commended the role of the IEC, security sector, Population Registration Department, IDLG and other institutions for launching the voter registration process. He asked the National Assembly to keep the people posted to their achievements and asked the would-be candidates running for upcoming elections to conform to the election law.

The President strictly emphasized that no candidate has the right to interfere in the election processes and demanded the IEC and other relevant institutions to take legal actions against the fraudsters and infringers. He told the people, “Like me and the First Lady, the Afghan men and women must take the registration process very serious.”

President Ghani asked the Taliban to act as a political party and participate in the elections while utilizing the prevailing opportunity and the peace offer. He stated that transparent elections are the only tool through which political-psychological reforms can take place and the politics of coercion can be replaced with productive politics as the Afghan people should no longer be subject to suffering from the ongoing war.