President Ghani expresses condolence to Dr. Nakamura’s family

President Ghani expresses condolence to Dr. Nakamura’s family

President Ashraf Ghani received the spouse and daughter of late Dr. Tetsu Nakamura today evening and offered his profound sympathies to his family as well as the government and people of Japan on behalf of the government and people of Afghanistan.

Being joined by the First Lady and National Security Advisor Mohib, the president called Dr. Nakamura a conscientious and diligent personality who transformed people’s lives in eastern Afghanistan during his 22-year service in the country. 

“Dr. Nakamura’s loss is a devastating tragedy, and the entire Afghan nation is mourning his demise,” added the president.

President Ghani said Dr. Nakamura began his services by providing treatment to the people of remote areas of the country, admiring him for accomplishing efficacious projects in the fields of water management, agriculture and designing and operating irrigation systems. 

The president said his deep understanding of Afghanistan and its people accompanied with his compassion towards the poor, rose him to eminence among Afghans as a symbol of humanity. 

The president added, “I spent two days with him and discuss the projects he conceived, and I am honored to have awarded him with the most prestigious state medal and granted him the honorary citizenship of Afghanistan.”

The president highlighted that people of Afghanistan will always remember Dr. Nakamura as an eminent personality in the Afghan history and his family will have a special place in the hearts of the Afghan people, underlining that his plans and ideas on water management will be effectively put into practice.

The president extended his sympathies to Dr. Nakamura’s family and said his body will be escorted in a special ceremony in recognition of his services and the projects he implemented in eastern Afghanistan, particularly in Nangarhar and Kunar provinces. The president said the people of Afghanistan should perpetuate his services and memory forever.

President Ghani termed murderers of Dr. Nakamura the enemies of prosperity, progress and development of Afghanistan and said he had issued directives to the defense and security forces to arrest the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

The wife and daughter of Dr. Nakamura thanked the president and people of Afghanistan for expressing their condolence, and appreciated them for expressing their ultimate affection to Dr. Nakamura. They conveyed their sympathies to the families of Dr. Nakamura’s five Afghan colleagues, who were also killed in the incident. 

Mitsuji Suzuka, ambassador of Japan to Kabul extended gratitude to the people and government of Afghanistan for expressing condolence. He said what Dr. Nakamura did was the best reconstruction approach as his success element was engagement of the local people in the projects. 

He said Japan will continue to cooperate with Afghanistan in various spheres.