President Ghani expresses deep sorrow over killing of Civilians in Kunduz

ARG, Kabul: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, expresses his deep sorrow over the killing and wounding of civilians including the staff and doctors of Doctors without Borders as a result of the ongoing military operations in Kunduz Province.

The commander of Resolute Support Mission, General John Campbell in a telephone call to President Ghani, provided explanations about the incident and offered condolences to those affected. Both the President and Gen. Campbell agreed to launch a joint and thorough investigation.

The President said that the Afghan Security and Defense Forces and our allies in the Resolute Support Mission are obliged to ensure safety of civilians and exercise full precision in military operations.

President Ghani reiterates that the Afghan and foreign forces alike must put in serious efforts not to target public places in military operations.