President Ghani Holds VTC with ADB Country Director for Afghanistan

President Ghani Holds VTC with ADB Country Director for Afghanistan

President Ashraf Ghani in a virtual discussion with Narendra Singru, the Asian Development Bank’s Country Director for Afghanistan talked over continued assistance of ADB to Afghanistan in energy and transport sectors, particularly infrastructural and development areas.

President Ghani stressed that the government of Afghanistan could adopt proper approaches amidst spread of the coronavirus, enabling it to implement economic programs to improve the living condition of the people.

The president also articulated different aspects of cooperation between Afghanistan and the Central Asian countries especially in the areas of energy.

The country director of ADB referred to the Afghan government’s plans and efforts on containing corona and assistance delivery to people and said the government had been able to maintain market stability and was capable to work jointly with the international community to cope with spread of the pandemic.

He added the government of Afghanistan could meet the required criteria including well-devised strategies and plans for dealing with corona and preventing its negative effects, providing timely health services, building coherence with international partners, and assistance delivery to vulnerable groups of the Afghan society, which enabled it to receive further aids from ADB and other donor agencies.