President Ghani meets with EU delegation

President Ghani meets with EU delegation

President Ashraf Ghani met with EU delegation led by Mr. Janez Lenarcic , member of the EU commission for Humanitarian assistance, emergency response and crises management, today morning at the Presidential Palace.

In this meeting, Mr. Janez Lenarcic underscored continuation of EU assistance to Afghanistan. He lauded the Afghan efforts for peace and expressed EU strong support to these efforts.

He talked over escalation of violence in Afghanistan and stressed on an immediate ceasefire as a precondition in the peace talks. These attacks are not on individuals, but on the values and the rule of law, and we want an independent and sovereign Afghanistan, he added.

The EU delegation reaffirmed its humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan on the basis of impartiality and independence.

President Ghani expressed gratitude to EU principled and condition-based assistance to Afghanistan and said we have put the commitments of Geneva conferance in monitoring mechanisms to meet the goals for the year 2021 and 2022.

President Ghani referring to the implementation of security charter in the country, said “we are pleased on the stance of US new administration and the fundamental issue is that we are going to have a predictable peace process and partnership”.

President Ghani said our aim is to have a sovereign, independent, democratic, and united Afghanistan where the constitution and achievements of the past is ensured.

The peace process is in progress in Doha and all stakeholders including EU is required to address the mentioned issue fundamentally in NATO ministerial meeting.