President Ghani meets with EU Special Envoy for Afghanistan

President Ghani meets with EU Special Envoy for Afghanistan

President Ashraf Ghani met today morning with Roland Kobia, the EU Special Envoy for Afghanistan at the Presidential Palace.

Roland Kobia said, “I have come with a message of continued support to you, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the people,” which is a support for the people’s freedom, democracy and rule of law.

He added the European Union would stand with the government and people of Afghanistan and continue its cooperation.

Roland Kobia expressed support for President Ghani’s agenda for progress and stability in the country and asked the Afghan political stratum to work collectively for successful accomplishment of the peace process.

President Ashraf Ghani lauded the EU and Roland Kobia for their cooperation and reaffirming commitment to Afghanistan and said peace is the main demand of the Afghan people and it is the government’s top priority and responsibility to establish it on which the government has built national consensus.

The president said peace is a national process which belongs to all Afghan demographics, underlining that he had held consultative meetings with various classes of society on the potential opportunities and possible risks ahead in the peace process.

He said the government is fully prepared to seize those opportunities and deal with the possible risks.