President Ghani Meets with Leadership Board of DABS

President Ghani Meets with Leadership Board of DABS

President Ashraf Ghani met with leadership board of the Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat today afternoon at the Presidential Palace.

In the meeting where provincial governors of Kabul, Parwan, Baghlan and Samangan were also connected via videoconference, Daud Noorzai, CEO of DABS briefed on power transmission line from north of Afghanistan to Kabul as well as the challenges of its implementation such as land acquisition and insecurity.

Daud Noorzai said that DABS is facing challenges including land acquisition for installation of power pylons in Paghman and Shakar Dara districts of Kabul. He added that operations of a number of companies have been delayed due to financial problems during the past three years and stressed that Ministry of Finance should adopt necessary measures in collaboration with Asian Development Bank and other relevant institutions to address these challenges.

President Ashraf Ghani instructed the provincial governors, connected to the meeting, to adopt necessary measures to address the challenges of DABS in the relevant areas.

President Ghani also instructed the Ministry of Finance to adopt necessary measures to solve financial challenges of DABS and to process the remaining payments.