President Ghani Meets with Representatives of the Private Sector

President Ghani Meets with Representatives of the Private Sector

President Ghani met with a number representatives from private sector today evening at the Presidential Palace and received their demands and recommendations.

The speakers in the meeting assured that the private sector stands with the government and people of Afghanistan, and will not let the country face shortage of food and essential items.

They said government’s cooperation in providing land and other facilities will help Afghanistan become self-reliant in terms of flour, fruits, chicken, improved seeds and other essential items. They also shared their recommendations on challenges in customs and ports, equal implementation of the law and regulations in ports, tariff exemption for importing wheat, cold storages, establishment of facilities and reforms in ports.

President Ashraf Ghani said sessions will be held in High Economic Council and in relevant ministries in order to address and decide upon the recommendations of the private sector.

President Ghani asked the representatives to prepare comparative charts of Hairatan, Torghundi and Aqeena dry ports and share with Office of the President to provide the grounds for decision making, stressing that fundamental investment should be made in these ports.

President Ghani said that increase in domestic production is for the benefit of all and underscored that Afghanistan should turn to an exporting country. Manufacturing facilities in coordination with importing countries should form and strengthen the value chain, that they have full support of the government, added the resident.

President Ashraf Ghani said Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock should reach to a conclusion with producers of improved seeds to increase the volume of products to 50 thousand tons during the next three years.

President Ghani reiterated to further invest in aviculture and poultry farming. He added that customs and ports will undergo fundamental changes and underscored that Ministry of Finance should further streamline the document processing.

President Ghani asked the representatives of the private sector to share their plans on stability of the sector, job creation, and approaches for maximum utilizations of land in districts and rural areas.