President Ghani officially introduces new General Director of AOP

President Ghani officially introduces new General Director of AOP

President Ashraf Ghani officially introduced Dr. Fazel Mahmood Fazly as the new director general of the Administrative Office of the President, today morning at the Presidential Palace.

Dr. Fazel Fazly extended gratitude to the president for entrusting him with the position and said he would pursue his duties and responsibilities in the new post to serve the country and people, enhance coordination by taking advantages of the current capacities as well as the commitment and experiences of the AOP colleagues.

Dr. Fazly articulated his short-term objectives specifically extending efforts to prevent the spread of coronavirus, put into effect the government leadership decisions and enhance cooperation and coordination between AOP and the relevant offices.

He added his medium-term objectives would be to ensure efficiency in the office, improve service delivery and build on confidence and transparency in the relationship between the people and government.

President Ashraf Ghani said the committed and united team at Office of the President will enable the government to deal with the national issues with wisdom and determination in a timely fashion and to turn the challenges into opportunities.

President Ghani expressed gratitude to Dr. Fazly and the current generation of the country who put the national interests before personal interests to prepare the grounds for the coming generations.

The president said he expects Administrative Office of the President to maintain and strengthen the relationship between the government leadership and the pertinent offices.

President Ghani underscored the need to expedite efforts in the current circumstances to simultaneously cope with the spread of coronavirus and ensure timely management of the regular works.

“We should all bear the responsibility to be able to make strong decisions, deal with the challenges and tragedies, and seize the opportunities,” said the president while underlining that spread of corona has created an environment of uncertainty at global level.

He added it is the first time in history that nobody has a clear picture of how long the tragedy would last, but underscored the government understands the consequences.

President Ghani appreciated the leaderships of the judicial, legislative and executive branches of the government for their performance, services and gains; and lauded the heroism, bravery and sacrifices of the National Defense and Security forces.

Fist Vice President Amrullah Saleh called Dr. Fazly a competent and capable cadre of the country and expressed satisfaction over his appointment.

The first vice president said AOP as a significant authority of the government has the role to connect the government leadership and other pertinent offices and circulate information between them.

He added there is no doubt that coronavirus spread has put negative impacts on relationship between individuals and overshadowed economic, trade, cultural and social relations at international level, but we should be realistic and invigorate people to be able to fight the pandemic.