President Ghani: Our first duty is to retain, strengthen and equip ANDSF

President Ghani: Our first duty is to retain, strengthen and equip ANDSF

President Ashraf Ghani, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces participated at a ceremony held this morning at the Ministry of Defense to mark the national day of Afghan Defense and Security Forces.

President Ghani who was accompanied by senior government officials laid a wreath at the minaret of ANDSF Martyrs in the ministry.

Delivering his closing remarks in the ceremony, the President extended congratulations to the Afghan forces on the occasion of the national day in support of the Afghan Defense and Security forces and said the Afghan government and nation are immensely honored to celebrate this national day.

He added that bravery and dedication of the forces have enabled Afghanistan to stand firm and tall on its own feet.

President Ashraf Ghani said the government is proud of every member of ANDSF and stressed that our first responsibility is to retain, strengthen and equip the Afghan Defense and Security forces.

President Ghani praised the high morale of the forces and said, “The enemies of Afghanistan must understand that our defense and security forces are the real sons of the homeland and the entire nation stand with and support them.” He added that he regularly contact with the families of the ANDSF fallen heroes to address their needs.

The President termed the forces the guardians and devotees of the homeland and said the government treats them as a national capital.

Commander-in-Chief Ashraf Ghani said the nation’s support for the Afghan forces has been unprecedented during the past 140 years, adding that the forces preserve Afghanistan Constitution and ensure its implementation.

President Ashraf Ghani said the forces reflect a united, stable, prosperous and peaceful Afghanistan and underlined that the current arena of politics would be different without the ANDSF’s bravery and sacrifices.  

The President said there is not a day that a world leader doesn’t admire the bravery, capability and dedication of the Afghan Defense and Security forces.

“You not only fight to protect Afghanistan’s independence, but to ensure the security of the world,” added the president addressing the Afghan forces.

President Ghani commended the ANDSF for playing a significant role in creating a suitable environment for peace and said the war waged against our people today is against the principles of humanity and justice and has nothing to do with the holy religion of Islam.

President Ghani stressed, “War is not the solution, but we can prove our commitment and courage by making peace.”