President Ghani: Outside influence on the Interior Ministry must be curbed

President Ghani: Outside influence on the Interior Ministry must be curbed

President Ashraf Ghani enunciated the government’s full support for Afghanistan National Police during the 11th graduation ceremony of police officers from General Abdul Raziq National Police Academy today morning.

The president praised the sacrifices of fallen police forces who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the security of the homeland and demonstrated their Islamic and patriotic spirit.

“You symbolize national determination and will defend the homeland till the last drop of blood,” said the president while addressing the 455 newly-graduated police officers. The president underscored that the government is committed to addressing the needs of the families of martyred police forces.

The president termed each police officer a force of law enforcement, rather than an individual, and underscored that police should instill trust in the citizens so that they confidently refer to police for addressing their problems.

He added that Police needs to deal with people on regular basis so its behavior and competence could be measured by the level of public satisfaction, underlining that police should be an embodiment of good conduct and rule of law.

President Ashraf Ghani said it is clearly needed that Afghan National police that was deployed in front lines during the past 18 years, be re-assigned to its main task, which is the enforcement of law and civil order. He also instructed the security authorities to reconsider all those duties imposed on the Police.

The president underscored that outside interference and influence on Ministry of Interior should be curbed and called on the police officers to make any efforts to safeguard the rights of the citizens.

The president also recognized top five graduated cadets by awarding them with Mir Bacha Khan state medals.

Acting Minister of Interior Massoud Andarabi in his remarks congratulated the newly-graduated cadets and provided information on the measures adopted at the level of the ministry to improve the police performance, adding that 1200 MoI personnel have been assigned in Kabul city as part of Kabul Security Plan.