President Ghani receives Special Envoy of China for Afghanistan and Pakistan

05 February 2017


President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met with Special Envoy of China for Afghanistan and Pakistan Deng Xijun in the Presidential Palace Sundayevening.

Both sides discussed bilateral ties, cooperation and regional topics. The special envoy welcomed removal of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar’s name from sanctions list of UN Security Council, saying that China cooperated in this regard.

Deng Xijun said that he has always underscored legitimacy of the elected Afghan President and Government in contacts with Taliban, stating that negotiation is the only way forward. He added that they have coaxed Taliban into negotiations, urging Pakistan to revive quadrilateral dialogues.

The special envoy said that China will attend all those meetings aimed at building and maintaining peace in Afghanistan, reiterating that participation of Chinese government in Moscow’s meeting was for the same purpose. He added that concerns of the Afghan Government and People were underscored during the meeting, making it clear that representatives of the Afghan Government should also attend the next meetings.

Later, President Ghani thanked leadership of People’s Republic of China, lauding Chinese cooperation with Afghanistan particularly in peace efforts. The President thanked People’s Republic of China for its role and cooperation in the transit sector and said that we are striving to enhance regional cooperation.

The President said that the Afghan Government has always been striving to prevent violence through negotiations, citing progress of peace talks with Hezb-E-Islami as positive achievements. He added, “It proves that Afghan Government has the capacity to hold peace talks and we hope Taliban have comprehended the message.”

President Ghani said that the activities of Taliban have smoothed the way for activities of other terrorist groups which jeopardize the security and stability of China and regional countries. He stated that the Afghan people have been making sacrifices against terrorist groups and that the recent attacks in Kabul, Kandahar and other provinces evince their enmity with the Afghan people.

President Ghani said that we want good relations with the neighboring countries and these relations should be based on practical measures not talks.  Referring to the trilateral meeting, he said that objective and agenda of the meeting should be defined and if it’s related to Afghanistan, representatives of the Afghan Government should be present in this meeting.

The President said that the Afghan Government endorses all those regional peace-building processes which stand in agreement with peace efforts of the Afghan Government, International Community and the Islamic World. He concluded that if any process does not conform to this, then such a process will not lead to building of peace and stability but will also pose threats to the regional security.