President of Ukraine condoles President Ghani over loss of Afghan lives on Ukranian plane crush

Volodymyr Zelensky, president of Ukraine in a phone conversation expressed his profound sympathies to President Ashraf Ghani and the families of Afghan passengers who lost their lives in an Ukranian plane crash in Tehran.

President Zelensky said that it has been his priority to deploy an investigation team to Iran to establish the truth of this tragedy and once established will share it with the afghan government.

President Ghani reciprocally offered his deepest condolences to the president of Ukraine over the incident that took the lives of all passengers from various nationalities on board. The president asked his Unkranian counterpart to convey the Afghan government’s sympathies to the families of deceased and the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine.

“With misfortune, the catastrophe claimed precious lives of 10 Afghan citizens,” said President Ghani while underscoring that the Afghan government will put any efforts in place to identify their families and relatives, and condole them.

Pres. Ghani said he hoped that the Iranian authorities will cooperate with the investigations transparently to establish the causes of this incident, particularly on providing the black box of the crashed airliner to the team of investigation.

He added he is confident that the government of Ukraine will make immense efforts to discover the leading causes and share it with the Afghan government.