Press Release about the terrorist attack in Balkh province

Presidential Palace, Kabul: President Ashraf Ghani vehemently denounced the Taliban’s terrorist attack in Balkh district of Balkh province that killed and wounded a number of our innocent fellow citizens.

President Ghani said the Taliban not only continue to commit despicable crimes against our people but have also increased attacks and violence on large cities, terming them a violation of the US-Taliban agreement.

President Ghani said, “Taliban’s insistence to protract their meaningless war and violence will jeopardize the unprecedented opportunity created for peace.”

The president underscored that the Taliban must cease violence and the killing of innocent Afghans. They must embrace ceasefire and enter into direct negotiation with the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

“Protraction of such acts of criminality and violence by the Taliban will leave nothing, but a trail of hatred and resentment among the Afghans,” added the president.

President Ghani expressed his profound sympathies to the families of the deceased and ordered the relevant authorities to mobilize available resources to reach out to the families of martyred and those who sustained injuries.