Press release on terror attack targeting Tabyan cultural center in Kabul

Arg, Kabul: Demonstrating the pitiless protraction of their unrelenting violence against humanity, callous terrorists targeted Tabyan Cultural Center in Kabul today which resulted in a massacre.

The vicious terror attack left a number of our compatriots martyred and wounded. Terrorists have been committing unpardonable acts of terror which hit religious locations and cultural centers while paying no respect to Islamic values and humanity.

Terrorists must understand that the Afghan people, being committed to nourishing national unity, promoting empathy and fully cognizant of the conspiracies of the enemies, are standing along with their government as a united force against the baleful plots and conspiracies of the enemies.

It is in absolutely unswerving terms that the Afghan Government reiterates that it has an explicit and unflinching will to annihilate all terrorist outfits. Our valiant national Defense and Security Forces are tirelessly fighting to obliterate the very presence of terrorists across the county.

President Ghani has ordered the relevant officials to investigate the incident and reach out to the wounded and victims with all possible urgency.

The President has strongly denounced the terror attacks which ripped through Kabul today and Helmand yesterday, wishes quick recovery to the wounded and prays of a high rank in paradise to the martyred.