Press Release on terror attacks in Paktia and Ghazni provinces

Arg, Kabul: Cold-blooded terrorists martyred and wounded our innocent civilians in their new wave of violent and criminal acts which they carried out in Paktia and Ghazni provinces.

Our heroic Afghan National Defense and Security Forces have defeated the enemies during the last seven months. The ANDSF has lately foiled several terror attacks orchestrated by the enemies, having inflicted heavy casualties on them.

We lost the Chief of Paktia Police Gen. Toryalai Abdiyani. A number of our patriotically devoted forces were also martyred and wounded in these attacks.

President Ghani strongly condemned these ferocious attacks and praised the sacrifices and heroism of our ANDSF. He said, “The names of our plucky national forces and martyrs will be written in the golden lines of the history. The Afghan people recognize and commend their heroism and valor.”

The President said, “Whereas the Afghan Government is looking forward to achieving peace, terrorists stress prolongation of war. We have been staunchly standing against these criminals, defending each and every inch of our land. We will never ever allow our soil become a safe haven for the terrorists and their accomplices.”

The President expresses his deep condolences to the grief-stricken family of late Gen. Toryalai Abdiyani and to all other bereaved families who lost their most beloved ones in these malicious terror attacks. The President prays of a high rank in paradise to the martyred and quick recovery to those who sustained injuries.