Press Release over Civilian Casualties Resulting from Military Operations in Helmand Province


Presidential Palace, Kabul: Initial reports indicate that military operations in Takhta Pol area of Musa Qala district, Helmand province, have perished scores of local and international terrorists. With misfortune and grief, there are multiple reports showing that the operations have claimed civilian lives as well.

Finding out regarding the civilian casualties, President Ashraf Ghani was profoundly saddened and ordered the Helmand governor to assign a delegation to thoroughly investigate the incident and share the findings with the government as soon as possible. He instructed the relevant authorities to reach out to the bereaved families and those sustained injuries.

“Civilian casualties is unacceptable and intolerable to me and other government officials,” said the president while terming civilian losses an utter misery of war. He called on the relevant bodies to put further measures in place to avoid harming civilians during military operations.

The president stressed, “Taliban are mainly responsible for civilian fatalities; they turned residential houses and rural areas into their bastions and cowardly use ordinary people as human shield.”

The president added as Taliban continue to have symbiotic relationship with international terrorist groups, they host and provide hideouts for them. He stressed that Taliban must discontinue killing of people and enter into direct peace talks with the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.