Press Release over terrorist attack in Ghani-Khel district of Nangarhar

Presidential Palace, Kabul: President Ashraf Ghani strongly condemned the terrorist attack which took place near Ghani-Khel District Governor’s Office in Nangarhar province and left scores of our innocent compatriots including women and children martyred and wounded.

President Ghani called the attack an unforgivable crime and said targeting innocent civilians, particularly women and children, is a crime against humanity and runs counter to Islamic values and principles of humanity.

The President stressed that although the Taliban signed an agreement with the United States, they didn’t live up to their commitments and only stopped their attacks on foreign troops. He added the Taliban, like today, continue to perpetrate their acts of terror in collusion with other terrorist groups, massacre civilians and damage public facilities on daily basis. President Ashraf Ghani conveyed his deepest sympathies to the families who lost their loved ones and ordered the relevant authorities to mobilize all available resources to reach out to the families affected by the attack.