Press Release over Terrorist Attack on Lower House Representative Khan Mohammad Wardak

Presidential Palace, Kabul: President Ashraf Ghani vehemently denounced the terrorist attack in 5th district of Kabul that targeted the convoy of Khan Mohammad Wardak, member of the Lower House and took innocent lives and injured dozens of our compatriots including Mr. Wardak.

President Ghani termed recent attacks in Kabul, Balkh, Nangarhar, Helmand and Samangan unjustifiable and said the Taliban must cease their illegitimate and senseless war against innocent Afghans, stop damaging public facilities, and embrace the call of the people and government of Afghanistan and the international community for a permanent ceasefire for ensuring sustainable peace in the country.

The President underscored that such acts of terror will jeopardize the ongoing peace process, and the rare opportunity created for peace and erode the people’s faith. If the Taliban and other terrorist groups continue to kill Afghans, they would be accountable before God and the people for their heinous acts of violence and atrocity, he added.

President Ghani ordered the pertinent authorities to arrest the perpetrators of the attack and bring them to justice. He offered his deepest sympathies to the families of victims and wished speedy recovery for Mr. Khan Mohammad Wardak and those who sustained injuries in this attack.