Press Release over Terrorist attacks in Kandahar, Paktia and Ghazni

Presidential Palace, Kabul: The Taliban once again committed several terrorist attacks throughout the country including detonation of car bombs in Maiwand district of Kandahar and Paktia and shelling mortar in Ghazni that killed and injured scores of innocent civilians.

President Ashraf Ghani while condemning these attacks said escalation of the illegitimate war by the Taliban and targeting civilians and public facilities are crimes against humanity, Islamic teachings and spirit of peace, and will lead to killing more innocent Afghans. 

Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan terms negotiation the only means to end the ongoing war and calls on the Taliban to embrace the call by the government and international community for a permanent ceasefire, rather than protraction of the senseless war, violence and criminality. 

President Ghani conveyed his deepest sympathies to the families of the martyred and wished quick recovery for the wounded.