The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan rebukes Taliban’s announcement of spring offensive

The government of Afghanistan condemns Taliban’s announcement of yet another offensive which is an indication of Taliban’s hawkish attitude to prolong their illegitimate war.

Taliban announced their offensive while the Afghan government has stepped up its efforts for peace to end the imposed war on Afghans, and the U.S. Special Envoy for Afghanistan Reconciliation has been engaged in direct talks with the insurgent group.

Taliban insist to prolong the conflict in Afghanistan whereas Afghan Ulema pronounced the war illegal and seditious, and demanded Taliban to cease their unwarranted violence. Afghan and international Ulema have persistently declared the war illegitimate according to Islamic tenets, and enunciated that there is no Islamic justification for prolonging the fighting.

Taliban erroneously claim that their announcement is a reaction to the government’s utterance of declaring an offensive. Not only has the Afghan government not announced any combat operation, it has removed all obstacles to a peaceful settlement and considers war not in the interests of any party.

On the contrary, through their insurgent operations the Taliban have not only brutally terrorized innocent civilians at the command of others, but also against all Islamic values and Afghan traditions, violated dwellings of our innocent citizens, have taken kids and women hostage, and used them as human shields, and their houses as bastions.

The Afghan government calls on all Afghans, who fight in the ranks of Taliban, and are used as cannon fodder by the tyrannical Taliban leadership and their regional patrons, to denounce Taliban’s ranks and abstain from terrorizing and killing their fellow Afghans. The Afghan government also calls on those Taliban leaders who oppose the war, to stand with their fellow Afghans and voice their opposition against this unlawful war.

Afghan National Defense and Security Forces have been given clear orders: to defend their people based on principles of territorial integrity and national and Islamic values. While the Afghan government is fully prepared to defend every inch of the country, it once again calls on the Taliban to give up perpetuating their illegitimate fight and welcome the Afghan government’s unconditional offer for negotiations.