Press Release

Arg, Kabul – The President is a very prominent advocate of women’s rights and has taken unique steps to strengthen and preserve their position since his tenure as the President of Afghanistan.

The President highly respects women as the main builders of the society based on his strong belief and inspiration of women’s effective role and power in building a non-violent human society on religious and cultural values of our country.

The President has always praised the role of his grandmother and the First Lady, in shaping his personality and vision. He has always recognized Afghan women as brave, dignified and capable players, and has repeatedly reiterated on women’s role and their participation in politics, society and culture.

Unfortunately, some people have misinterpreted the President’s remarks delivered on Saturday in a gathering at MOD; trying to sway public opinion, using the word “Chaadar” – Scarf in English – in the President’s yesterday speech. It was a prevalent dialect and a common saying which is never aimed to offend the highly valuable place of women in the country. Yet, if that interpretation has hurt the feelings of women in our country, the President extends his apology.