Press Release over terrorist attack in Ghazni

With misfortune, Taliban committed a barbaric and gruesome act of terror at center of Ghazni province this morning which resulted in killing and wounding dozens of our compatriots including innocent school students.

President Ghani vehemently denounced this felonious attack and said the Taliban that claimed responsibility for this notorious and barbaric act of terror, deliberately targeted civilians, innocent children and public facilities.

The president termed the attack “a crime against humanity” and said Taliban by perpetrating such acts, once again revealed their clear hostility against the people of Afghanistan.

The president underlined that such acts of terror indicate that Taliban’s words are in direct contradiction to their deeds. While they are negotiating in Qatar, they murder innocent civilians including women and children in cold blood in Afghanistan.

President Ashraf Ghani said Taliban must understand that targeting civilians and children cannot earn them privileges in peace talks.

The president conveyed his deepest condolence and sympathies to the families of martyrs and wished speedy recovery to the wounded.