President Ghani thanks all those responding to Wednesday’s terrorist attack in Kabul

President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has expressed his heartfelt gratitude for all the people who responded after Wednesday’s terrorist attack in Kabul. They did not run from the sound of the explosion, but turned to help their fellow citizens in this darkest hour.

Medical staff, and fire and rescue services worked tirelessly to save lives, while the security services kept the rest of the city safe from further attacks. The nation owes a debt of thanks to these first responders. The President witnessed some of this dedication at first hand visiting those wounded in hospital.

As workers from Kabul municipality begin the task of making the area safe and restoring what was lost, the government will not give up the search for those responsible for planning this heinous crime.

Many organizations, both Afghan and international, were affected by the scale of this bomb. President Ghani would like to commend media houses who continue the vital work of reporting in an open society, and yesterday did so among losses. He mourns the loss of staff members from Tolo TV and the BBC, and commends the bravery of those at 1TV who continued to work despite severe damage to their office.

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