Press Release

17 February 2017

Arg, Kabul: the latest terrorist attacks in Pakistan prove that terrorism does not recognize any border and geography, not differentiating between men and women, educated and uneducated. Terrorism is the enemy of humanity. Therefore, Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan stresses on putting up serious counter-terrorism efforts.

Afghanistan and Pakistan share common religious values. The latest terrorist attack on a Sufi shrine in Sindh is an attack on Sufism and theosophy which are shared values of people of both countries. The attack on Lal Shahbaz Qalandar shrine in Sindh is one of a series of strategic targets, started with attack on Karte Sakhi shrine in Kabul and other religious communities in Afghanistan, aimed at damaging religious locations and creating dissension between people of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The strategy of targeting religious locations and disseminating terror is obviously adopted by ISIL, publicized by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a press release produced in November 2016, focused on expanding terrorist activities in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other Islamic countries.

The repercussions of Syrian war have affected our region too; therefore we see an urgent need for all-inclusive regional cooperation to tackle terrorism.  Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has condemned and practically put up all-inclusive efforts against terrorism without differentiating between good and bad terrorists. The Afghan Government has never allowed any individual or terrorist outfit to carry out terrorist activities inside its soil nor has it allowed its soil to be used for any terrorist acts or against any country.

Taking into account the threats posed to stability of the region by terrorist groups, Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan realizes an urgent and clear need that all countries particularly Afghanistan and Pakistan should arrive at an agreement on absolute eradication of terrorism. The Afghan Government believes that the Mechanism devised in the Quadrilateral Meeting had provided a comprehensive document for grappling with terrorism and at this moment the urgency is being felt more than ever that Pakistan should implement contents of that document.

Seeing that the Afghan Government has taken measures against all terrorist groups without any distinction and irrespective of which country and people their targets are, likewise the Afghan Government expects Pakistan to take practical measures against all terrorist groups without any distinction and regardless of their locations and targets.

The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan once again demands Pakistan to take practical measures and initiate effective counter-terrorism efforts against all those terrorist groups which operate in Pakistan and pose a threat to security and stability of Afghanistan. 



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