Press Release

Following their atrocious and barbarous crimes, terrorists once again committed a major crime by attacking worshippers in a mosque who were performing Friday prayers, martyring and wounding a number of soldiers of 209 Shaheen Military Corps in Balkh province.

This terrorist attack is fully contradictory to all human values and Islamic teachings.

Lately, terrorists have not been feeling safe in any corner of the country as they have been subjected to and under attack of our heroic Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF). The people and Government of Afghanistan highly praise the sacrifices and spirit of invincibility of plucky ANDSF which will be recounted with golden lines in the history.

President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani called commanders of 209 Shaheen Military Corps in the wake of the attack and was updated on the situation. The President also directed the officials to urgently attend to the wounded and families of the martyrs.

Strongly condemning the terrorist assault, President Ghani offers his deep condolences to families of the victims and the entire nation, wishing eternal peace to the martyrs and speedy recovery to the wounded.

The President also reiterated that the Government is committed to annihilating all terrorist outfits and that a comprehensive probe will be conducted into this terrorist assault.