Press Release about terror attack on Al-Zahra mosque in Kabul


Arg, Kabul: Following their inhumane crimes which run counter to any religion, terrorists targeted worshippers in Al-Zahra mosque in Kabul which left a number of our pious compatriots martyred and wounded. From the beginning of Ramadan, these criminals have cowardly resorted to crimes against humanity, triggering human crisis.

Terrorists intend to create political and ethnic tensions by targeting mosques and political gatherings. From these acts of terrorism, it is evident that terrorism does not recognize any ethnicity, sect, language or locality but intends to create dread and terror among the people by targeting sacred locations and the innocent civilians.

Terrorists should realize that the people of Afghanistan stand by each other as a united nation and that they ‘terrorists’ can’t mar the fraternity among the ethnicities and political/religious streams by carrying out such malicious acts which contradict all religious values.

President Ghani condoled with second Vice-president Mohammad Sarwar Danish, second deputy chief executive officer Mohammad Mohaqeq and chairman of Peace High Council Mohammad Karim Khalili over the terror attack through telephonic conversations.

President Ghani directed senior deputy minister of security affairs Gen. Murad Ali Murad and head of NDS Mohammad Masoom Stanikzai to make the necessary preparations for funeral ceremonies and ensure the security of other sacred locations.

The President commended the sacrifice of all police forces especially the one who gave upon himself to avoid an even massive human crisis. He also offered condolences to the family of Al-Haj Ramazan Hussainzada, a compatriotic personality who was martyred in this terror attack.

President Ghani expressed his deep condolences to the victims’ families over last night’s brutal terror attack. He prayed of paradise to the martyrs and speedy recovery to the wounded.

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