Press Release condemning terror attack on innocent civilians in Kabul

Arg, Kabul: Cold-blooded terrorists once again carried out a terror attack in Kabul City, martyring and wounding a number of our compatriots including our patriotic police forces who were on duty. The ferocious terror act simply demonstrates the despicable and malignant behavior of the terrorists toward our people.

Denouncing the criminal act, President Ghani said that targeting civil gatherings, mosques, religious venues and public places, runs counter to Islamic and human values.

The Afghan Government upholds the rights of the people to freedom and civil gatherings, emphasizing that such cowardly terror attacks can’t deprive our people from enjoying their rights to civil freedoms and other democratic values.

President Ghani offers his deep sympathies and condolences to the victims’ families, praying of a high rank in paradise to the martyred and wishing quick recovery to the injured.

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