Press release on survey of the Afghan people conducted by Asia Foundation

Arg, Kabul: The National Unity Government has reviewed the thirteenth annual general survey of the Afghan people, conducted by Asia Foundation in Afghanistan.

The survey thoroughly reflects the widely held vision and perceptions of the Afghan people on various issues such as the rising optimism, security, economic growth, employment, development, services, governance, political engagement, media, access to information, women issues and migration.

The National Unity Government welcomes all those investigative reports, general surveys and questionnaires which are conducted in accordance with professional precepts and standards. The Government takes into a full account the recommendations which are produced through such surveys.

The 2017 broadest survey of the Afghan people conducted by the Asia Foundation reveals a series of positive facts. These positive points revolve around optimism for the future, satisfaction with the government functioning, increase in domestic revenues, criticizing the government fearlessly, effectiveness in decision-making and the ability of the Afghan National Police Forces to improve the security.

The Surveys also outlines problems pertaining to employment, redundancy, migration, corruption and decrease in provision of services such as electricity. The findings of the survey reveal that the Afghan people have expressed their hatred of the Taliban and satisfaction with the Government.

The National Unity Government believes that the rise in satisfaction of the people with the government functioning is largely a corollary of the political will which has stimulated a change in the culture of governance and has allowed us to focus on infrastructure, introduce reforms and expedite counter-corruption efforts.

The Government has been striving to take constructive measures and overarching reforms intended at uprooting the challenges and hurdles which impede its proper functioning.

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