Press Release on terror attack in Herat

Arg, Kabul: While the Afghan Government and people are busy today hosting an international conference on peace in Kabul, terrorists committed an atrocious crime in Herat province.

The terror attack hit the vicinity around a grand mosque in Herat as a result of which a number of our compatriots including religious scholars; observing Ramadan were martyred and wounded.

Such terror attacks which target our innocent people will never ever hamper our goals of annihilating the enemy, ensuring justice and building peace.

President Ghani strongly condemned this brutal terror attack. He said, “Targeting the fasting Muslims today in Herat province, terrorists once again proved that they don’t believe in any Islamic values and human rights tenets.”

The President added, “I thank all the inhabitants of Herat province for sincerely donating blood to the wounded of the attack.”

President Ghani offers his deep condolences to families of the victims. He prays of a high rank in Paradise to the martyrs and sound health to the injured.

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