Press Release on terror attack on Imam Zamaan Mosque in Kabul

Arg, Kabul: As ruthless terrorists have always resorted to killing the innocent civilians on the behest of their masters, once again they committed another malevolent act of terror, attacking worshippers who were busy performing Friday prayers.

All those responsible for this baleful terror attack will soon face the music. The attack left a number of our compatriots martyred and wounded.

The terrorist outfits, realizing that they have been strongly responded and annihilated by the plucky ANDSF, strive to target the ordinary people, the sacred locations, the worshippers, women and children.

Religious unity and tolerance have been exemplary among the Afghan people in the region and no terrorist group will ever succeed in marring such deeply entrenched values. With an intention of allowing the Muslims to perform their religious activities in a peaceful atmosphere, the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan calls on religious scholars of the Muslim world to evince their hatred of and air their arguments against such ghastly acts of the terrorists which stand in utter contradiction to the Islamic principles.

Condemning the terror attack in the strongest terms, President Ghani emphasized that the terrorists have been defeated and that they will never ever succeed in attaining their baleful objectives by carrying out such inhumane, irreligious and despicable acts. The terrorists should realize that they will be spotted irrespective of wherever they are hiding and utterly destroyed by our ANDSF.

President Ghani offers his deep condolences to the families of the victims, praying of a high rank in paradise to the martyred and speedy recovery to the wounded.

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