Press Release

17 February 2017

Arg, Kabul: Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, viewing terrorism as a serious threat and common enemy of all countries, has always stressed the need for initiating joint counter-terrorism efforts against all terrorist groups including ISIL.

There is an urgent need for forging a regional and global consensus for containing terrorism which has targeted people of Afghanistan and other countries.The President condemns the terrorist attack on a Sufi shrine in Sindh, Pakistan which left a large number of Pakistani citizens dead and wounded. He added that Sufis advocate peace and fraternity but with this terrorist attack, the terrorists once again proved that they don’t believe in human and Islamic values. The President added that such acts of terrorists are not justifiable in any religion and law.

The President believes that honesty and strong will can result in eradication of this serious and appalling phenomenon “Terrorism” in all countries. The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has adopted honesty and commitment for building peace, ensuring stability and containing terrorism since its people have rendered countless sacrifices against terrorism. The Afghan Government also expects other countries to adopt honesty in tackling terrorism.


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