Press Statement over the SIGAR November 2019 Report, Afghanistan’s Anti-Corruption Efforts

Presidential Palace, Kabul: Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan welcomes the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction’s Audit Report, published on November 2019, highlighting the Afghan government’s anti-corruption progress.

The report reads, “The Afghan Government made progress in meeting its Anti-Corruption Strategy benchmarks, but serious challenges remain to fighting corruption.”

According to the report the government of Afghanistan has managed to meet 57 of 76 benchmarks, which accounts for 75 percent of the benchmarks due by June 2019.

The government of Afghanistan has put considerable efforts into fighting corruption and made immense progress in this area.

The president of Afghanistan asserted his strong determination for combating corruption during his inaugural address. The government of Afghanistan has taken sincere strides during the past five years through providing proper legal grounds, speeding up reforms in justice institutions and amending legislation pieces in order to combat the phenomenon of corruption.

The government has put effective and stern measures in place to root out corruption and eliminate obstacles to enforcement and implementation of law, including establishment of Anti-Corruption Justice Center and Ombudsperson Office.