Press Statement

ARG, Kabul: The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan respects President Biden’s recent decision to draw down their troops by September of this year; the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan will ensure a smooth transition.

Afghanistan National Defense and Security Forces have been carrying out most of the operations independently since the US-Taliban agreement of February 2020 to defend our people and country. Our forces are capable of defending Afghanistan against current threats. We cannot stress enough that the ongoing peace process is also a result of ANDSF sacrifices. The Afghan nation stays indebted to these sacrifices.

In the meantime, we have been assured that the U.S. and allies will remain deeply engaged with the Afghan government in supporting the Afghan forces and humanitarian and development initiatives in Afghanistan. The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the U.S. and allies will discuss the new way forward in details particularly on giving momentum to the peace process.

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is ready to embark on this new chapter of the partnership, with the U.S. and NATO allies, based on mutual interest, mutual respect and mutual trust.