Salaam Khana Palace

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The palace is called Salam Khana – a house to say hello in English – as, in the past, public people were admitted to the king in order to say hello during celebrations, Eids and occasions of the New Year. That’s why, this palace is called Salam Khaana. The palace is located on eastern side out of the Arg’s area, and has been built at an ancient style in one floor.

Salaam Khaana is 120 meters long, 40 meters wide and 20 meters high. The palace has the capacity of 1000 participants in one time. The walls inside the palace have been decorated with portraits of national leaders. The walls of the palace, which are made of raw bricks, are 1.5 meters wide. During the period of Mohammad Nadir Shah in 1309 Hijri Shamsi, the first National Assembly was inaugurated here. Large sessions have also been held in this palace as, currently, swearing-in ceremonies and big gatherings are held in this palace.

In 1390 Hijri Shamsi, the southern part of the palace was repaired. Park and green area were built in front of Salaam Khana in 1380s. A big Jirga (gathering) was also held in this palace in the term of Dr. Najibullah.