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Provincial Profile
Province in Brief Name of the Province: Urozgan

Area: 12640 Km2

Related Zone: South West

Center: Terenkot

Geography Urozgan is surrounded by Daykundi, Zabul, Helmand and Ghazni provinces. Considered as a central province, Kandahar and Zabul are located to its south, Helmand to the southwest, Daykundi in the north while Ghazni is situated to its east.
Governance Governor and two Deputies

Provincial Council

3 Members in Parliament, 2 Male and 1 Female

Population/People/Languages The total population of Urozgan Province is 386100.

Pashtun are consisting the Population of Urozgan Province.

Dari and Pashto are the spoken language in Urozgan Province.

Number of Districts Urozgan Province has 6 districts, listed below:

Dahrawod, Chura, Khas Urozgan, Chanartu, Shaheed Hassas and Gehzab

Context Health and Education systems have been operating in Urozgan Province.

There are 291 Government schools open for the students where 54576 Male and 9806 Female students are studying.

There are 1 Government and 1 Private institutes with 1 Government university.

In Health sector, there are 32 Government and 2 Private sector health centers with 3 hospital.

The Mines available in Urozgan Province are listed below: